What should be registered as a trademark in the first place?

What should be registered as a trademark in the first place?

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Why do you want to use your trademark?

We propose not doing just "casually" register a trademark which you decided on a trademark.  First of all, we believe you should clarify the "role" of the trademark.  This is because whether or not the trademark needs to be registered in the first place will change. 

Two role of the trademark.

A trademark has two roles, i.e., the "trademark for accumulating trust" and the "trademark for supporting accumulating trust".

The "trademark for accumulating trust" is for accumulating brand power.  For example, "Sony" is a trademark with brand power that everyone can recognize. For people who are fans or who like things that are fashionable and innovative, the word "Sony" or the "Sony" logo will naturally attract their interest. This is a trademark that already "has" brand power, but of course it did not start out with the brand power. When we named the company "Sony", it is a trademark for the purpose of accumulating trust and brand power. The "trademark for supporting accumulating trust" is a trademark that by itself creates a positive image or attracts attention and is for supporting the "trademark for accumulating trust".  Specifically, the trademark itself evokes an image and encourages people to experience the product, it can be used well to support the accumulation of the desired image and trust in the " trademark for supporting accumulating trust". 

The "trademark for accumulating trust"

The "trademark for accumulating trust" should have a feature of "unique" in the marketplace, for example "Sony". If a trademark is not unique, is perceived as "common" by consumers, or could be confused with those of other businesses, consumers who use your goods or services related to the trademark does not recognize the relationship between "you", "your trademark", and "your goods and services".  Therefore, such a trademark will not able to accumulate trust and brand power. Even if you provide an excellent customer experience while displaying such a trademark, it will be difficult to make a strong connection between the positive image and the trademark being used by the consumers.

For example, it is common to name a product with the first letter of the "three letters of the alphabet" (fictitious example: "ABC"), and this is one of the typical examples of a trademark that is easily covered. This is one of the typical examples of a trademark that is easily covered.  Since it is a name that is often seen by other companies, even if you build a good reputation with that name, it is difficult to solidify it as your company's reputation. If "ABC" is not a unique trademark, then a consumer who comes in contact with the trademark "ABC" only once, and then comes in contact with the word "ABC" again after a gap of time, will not necessarily recognize it such that the second "ABC" is from the same company as the first one. This is why a "trademark for accumulating trust" should prioritize uniqueness above all else. Furthermore, we strongly recommend registering this trademark.  

The "trademark for supporting accumulating trust"

The "trademark for supporting accumulating trust" needs to have two features, (1) Evoking purchase intention and (2) Evoking specific images for example a positive image, for example, clean, beautiful, cool, sincerity, loyalty, luxury, and other positive phrase.  This trademark tends to lack uniqueness, and therefore, it is difficult to function as the "trademark for accumulating trust". You do not necessarily register such a "trademark for supporting accumulating trust" which is used together with the "trademark for accumulating trust".

Brand Shogun

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ArticleNo. 02_0004

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